WrapEat, its for you

WrapEat food wraps are modelled off the popular Mexican tortilla and designed to reduce the amount of waste in kids lunches and remove the clutter from kitchens.

Our wraps help to reduce everyday packaging waste used in our lunches. They have been designed with kids, by kids to help send a positive message about usability and recycling, at the same time as making lunchtime fun. They also free up kitchen space taken by all those containers.

Try them today and find out for yourself!


Reusable food wraps for snacks and lunches
Food safe & child friendly
Phthalate free, BPA free, PVC free Dishwasher safe, eco friendly
Recycle LDPE #4
Available in 3 multi-packs, 7 designs, 4 sizes Unique designs
Long useable life - up to 2 years+
Kitchen draw space saver
Suitable for just about all food types from large sandwiches, croissants, bagels, to snacks fruit, crackers and also snack-size wraps. Plus, great for storing and wrapping food for the fridge or freezer!


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